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Tip 1 Get Fit and Strong

With 2 months to go before the season starts there is a great window to improve your cricket fitness. 


This will look different for everyone! Some players will already be in good nick and others may have not done much since that last Saturday in March! The key is to get cricket fit, general fitness will help your game in many ways (improve your ability to bat, bowl and field for longer, improve concentration and prevent you feeling sore for days after a game of cricket. Cricket fitness is broad but also specific fitness. 


Generally cricket is a very short sharp bursts of exercises (running between wickets, bowling, fielding/chasing a ball) followed by long periods of minimal activity. Interval training/tabata or HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) are great ways to work on this. 


Modern cricketers are much different beast than the cricketers of the past. You don't see many David Boon type blokes running around these days. Improving your strength and conditioning through resistance/weight training is essential to preparing your body battle. All players will be different but in general a strong back, core and legs are crucial to creating power and torque to bowl and run fast, a powerful base will also help you hit the ball further and more consistently. There are many cricket conditioning programmes out there online or we are happy to help you put a programme together.


There is a great Youtube channel that I follow called Cricket Strength take a look Here