SPORT isn't life or death.

it is much more important.

Dan is an experienced cricket coach in Christchurch and teacher who will inspire you to play to the best of your ability, boost your game and improve your technique.


Cricket is a sport for everyone, whether a backyard game or on the sports fields. Not everyone needs to be a champion, but with a bit of dedication and determination, you can improve your skill and enjoyment of the game!


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Cricket isn't life or death.

it is much more important.

One to One

Cricket Coaching

This is undoubtedly the most effective way to improve technique and skill as quickly and specifically as possible. We can provide high tech video analysis as well as use a range of drills and progressions to EVOLVE YOUR CRICKET GAME. We also have access to coaching aids . We can come to you or train at the fantastic CHCH Boys High training facilities. 



We can provide cricket coaching in Christchurch for groups and/or teams. This could be specific training for one off sessions or modelling effective training sessions for coaches that need ideas. We can also provide regular coaching for teams that require additional coaching/knowledge/resources.


A fun and active sports programme, involving a range of sports including touch, football, cricket, basketball, volleyball, handball, dodgeball and so on.


This will be much like the cricket programme over two days covering all the basic skills and tactics of rugby (kicking, passing, catching, tackling/defence etc), taught with a range of drills and modified games to improve skills and progress to challenge players.

This is a mockup. Publish to view how it will appear live.