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Goals are crucial to planning and setting up your season mentally. Make sure your goal are SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time framed).


The goals themselves are important but the processes you need to go through to achieve them are what sets you up for achieving these goals! Think of short term goals (preseason goals) for example to train at least once a week, or hit 1000 balls per week, reach a certain level of fitness), mid term goals (to be achieved during the season) scoring a certain amount of runs, taking a certain amount of wickets, a particular economy rate or average, etc. Long term goals (career goals over the next few years) Making rep teams, to play overseas or career stats etc… The key is how including the how you will achieve these goals as part of your goal! Then put your goals somewhere visable so you can check them easily and remind yourself of them…..and tick them off once you achieve them! Then set some more! Inside of your gear bag is a good place!



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