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There is no better way to be prepared for the NZ season than either head to the UK or Canada and play a season as a club overseas player or go on a preseason tour!


I have personally done both of these and they are some of the greatest cricket experiences of my life! Playing as an overseas player abroad is awesome, you are set up with a great club, often you can pick up free accomodation or airfares and/or use of a car and job as perks of the job too! The cricket itself is fantastic, very traditional and diverse and you get to play at some of the most beautiful and quaint grounds and generally they have far superior club facilities to us in NZ!


Alternatively heading on a short overseas tour is aslo brilliant! In 2014 we coached and organised the Northwest Youth tour of the Sunshine Coast, Queensland Australia. This was an awesome experience and everyone involved loved it! Great pitches, weather and grounds made this the perfect preseason for our boys!


If you are interested in either of these opportunities for next season please get in touch and we can make this happen! #EVOLVEYOURGAME